Nettl of Norwich Central and Wensum Print are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Flaghippo Antiques.

Flaghippo Antiques are an experienced couple, specialising in glass, glassware and ceramics. We buy and sell antiques and retro items to both trade and the public in Norwich and North Norfolk.

They sell online for collection or offer a postal service for customers purchasing items in the UK and internationally.

You can find them at all major Antiques Fairs nationally as well as local events in Norwich and Norfolk.

In this project we completely redesigned Flaghippo Anties website as they were struggling to design one themselves, and had been having issues with other companies. Nettl of Norwich Central stepped in to help and designed them a brand new website, including new logo, instagram feed and a direct feed for their eBay store meaning that they can showcase and sell all of their latest products on their website.

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