The web design team of Nettl of Norwich Central and Wensum Print are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for JB Fitness Norwich.


About the web design process

JB Fitness Norwich is an established circuit training class run by Personal Trainer, Jodie Birdsall, who we have produced lots of printed items such as flyers, banners and business cards for. One of the main things we have been focusing on is boosting Jodie’s online presence with creating a new website and also designing and digital marketing adverts for Jodie’s social media pages.

Jodie did not have any web presence apart from her social media accounts. The team here at Nettl of Norwich Central built a brand new fully responsive website for JB Fitness Norwich.

Nettl of Norwich Central will offer help and training on how to change the website so she will easily be able to do this in the future.


About Jodie at JB Fitness Norwich

“Hello! I’m Jodie and welcome to JB Fitness Norwich. My fitness journey really began after having my second child in 2011, I joined the gym with great intention but with no real experience or knowledge I always felt unsure of what to do when I got there, I felt lost, insecure and intimidated. I thought about having a personal trainer but the costs were way out of my budget, so I decided to invest in gaining the knowledge for myself, along with some qualifications, I got my level 2 in gym instruction & then went on to get my level 3 in personal training.

Exercise has had such a massive impact on me, not only physically but mentally as well, I suffer with PTSD, anxiety & panic attacks, exercise helps me in so many ways, my mind is constantly on replay, constantly going over & over things, exercise frees me from my mind, calms me and helps me switch off & turn negative thoughts, feelings & emotions into positive ones, it is such a powerful tool!

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