User experience is increasingly becoming a very important influence on conversion rates, it’s often a saturated market, which means that just relying on the quality of your product or service isn’t enough. Today’s consumer now requires simplicity, efficiency and convenience within their experience of your brand, research has shown that 38% of customers will instantly click off a site if it’s unattractive, web design, therefore, must prioritise all of these factors to help increase your conversions.


The site’s navigation

UX is highly reliant on easy to use navigation that works, transitions from one page to the next should be as simple as possible in order to retain your user’s interest. Directional actions should be bold to help keep your visitors informed of what the next step in. The convenient web design that we offer responds incredibly well and will make sure that your website is easy to navigate as well as starts to generate sales.


The message

Following on from the navigation, the layout of your website can impact on your user experience, simplified sentences, icons, short paragraphs and bullet points can help to support an easier reading experience. Some firms choose to use icons to help demonstrate the key features of their products, the customer will then gain an understanding of the product and also decide quickly if it is relevant to their requirements before they lose interest.


Call to action

Call to actions are essential, they should be bold and stand out directly to your audience, things like colour theory can help with impacting on your conversion rates, so this can also be a consideration in your website design. Instant messaging is also a popular feature and can have a big influence on conversion rates. Statements like ‘sign up now’ and ‘join now’ have been provided to influence customers actions, so it is important to consider emotive, actionable and time-sensitive language on your call to action.


Blank space

It is tempting to fill blank spaces on your website with clutter, even though it may be relevant information for your target audience. More white space can cause the information to be noticed, website clutter is often overwhelming and can put your audience off. Instead, minimalism can go a long way through allocating adequate space and promoting the important information for your user.



The performance of your site can have a big impact on your conversion rate, research has shown that 40% of people will leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load. Optimising performance with a faster loading time can decrease your bounce rate by engaging your audience quicker.

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